About Us

z-logo-square-1024The Kawasaki Z125 Club USA is a volunteer based, not for profit club dedicated to Kawasaki Z125 riders in the USA. All of the club organizers, including the President and Vice President are volunteers and do not receive compensation from the club treasury. All dues go towards costs associated with this website, remaining dues go back to Kawasaki Z125 Club USA members in the form of perks, such as raffles. We intend on holding a raffle for a brand new Kawasaki Z125 Pro each time the treasury reaches $5000. Only Supporting and Sustaining members of the Kawasaki Z125 Club USA will be able to participate in the raffle.

We also intend on holding an annual club rally. Details on where and when the first rally and future rallies will be are being worked out. Two scenarios are working out, holding the rally in the same place each year or moving locations every year. Each scenario has it’s benefits and drawbacks. We will continue to work through the details as quickly as possible.

p1000712We also need more volunteers! We need people to organize local events and rallies. This could be something as easy as saying “Hey, let’s meet here for lunch, at this time on this date” or maybe hold a monthly lunch ride. We even need volunteers to organize “Regional Events”, which would be 3 day weekend rallies. We are working on guidelines for regional events to help coordinators with the process.

Most of all, we need members to make this work. Without members, the club doesn’t exist. No, you do not have to own a Z125 to become a member of the club.  We encourage GROM , Ruckus, scooter and riders of other small displacement bikes to join us. Owners of these bike are a different breed of rider, why not join a club with others just like you! Information on becoming a member is located here.

p1000710Please feel free to post in the forums to let us know what you would like to see the Kawasaki Z125 Club USA transform into. We are in the formative period of club development, so now is the time to voice you wants and needs from a club such as this.
On a final note, please understand what this club is. The Kawasaki Z125 Club USA is more than a forum owned by a large company who owns several hundred forums related to motorcycles, cars and tractors, with the sole purpose of selling you insurance. This club is being formed by Kawasaki Z125 and other small displacement bike owners who share a passion for this style bike. We are not for profit, excess treasury funds go back to the club members, not in a companies bank account. Be a part of this revolution and join us to help make our plan a reality!